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New in Version 2.2


New Mobile Terminal

We've replaced our outdated mobile app with a brand new.
The new mobile have the most sophisticated trading features
available today on mobile terminals anywhere.
Apart from that, it has mid-office and back-office features.

The experience feels refreshing in comparison to what is
available in the market today thanks to the design that
focuses primarily on slickness.

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Optimal Execution

While you placing an order, our focus is to get you the
optimal result at each step of the way. From before you
decide to trade and until your order gets filled.

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Millennium is the only platform in the market
today that provides you with practical
customization options.

Customize the platform with us to:

Increase your trading efficiency

Apply Unique Processes & Techniques

Bring New Revenue Streams

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Colocating nodes that will execute your orders
with brokers/exchanges you trade through allows
for much faster exection of automated strategies.

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New York

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Cape Town

Experience operational efficiency in your trading

Increase the income of your financial trading business by using operationally-efficient trading platforms.

Desktop, Web, Tablet and Mobile Editions

Do your work from anywhere whether it's trading or middle-office/back-office management. Millennium is the only trading platform in the market that provides middle-office/back-office features in Web/Tablet editions.