About Millennium

Millennium is a line of financial trading platforms provided by FTS. The focus is on increasing operations efficiency of Market-Making firms, Brokerage firms and Asset Management firms and individuals.

Simplicity is key factor. Designing our platforms, the goal was to make sophisticated platforms that are runnable without the need for IT professionals. We spent huge effort to achieve this goal in order to reduce cost on our clients since we know from experience that this is especially helpful for people starting up companies in this domain.

Flexibility is key as well. Talking to hundreds of companies, we know that no two companies are the same (especially in the financial trading domain). Designing the platform, our goal was to make it the most flexible platform in the market. Millennium is the only platform in the market that provides practical customization options. The proof is in the pudding. All of our clients have their customization requirements included in delivery contracts. So if you think your ideas/approach isn't supported in any platform, you would be wise by contacting us since we probably have ways to help you.