Introducing Brokerage Platform

Supervise all your clients operations from one place and enhance the services you provide to them.

Retain clients through brand transparency

Our view on brand transparency is simple: If people deal with your business, why should they see any other brand?

Having Millennium as your trading platform means your clients will get to see only one brand, which is yours. Regardless of how many liquidity providers or brokers you deal with, your clients will get to see your brand only. Following are some of the impacts:

  • Increase client loyalty
  • Changes to brokers you deal with will be transparent to your clients
  • Control all interaction with your clients instead of losing control over it

Differentiate yourself with unique services

Each of the introducing brokers who use our platform has the opportunity to provide his clients with additional services. Some do provide trade recommendations, some provide risk management services, and the list goes on.

By getting a trading platform from a provider who is willing to customize it to help you achieve your goals, you can do wonders for your clients if you have a proper plan.

  • A fleixble platform can allow you to partner with 3rd parties (like asset managers).
  • Gaining more operational control means you have more ways to serve your clients: risk managenement, etc.
  • Complete Customization of the platform means you can provide your clients with unique services that will clearly differentiate your position in the market.

Improve ordering and execution

Not all brokers provide advanced ordering strategies. In fact, most brokers offer only basic order types. Our platform has advanced order types, that work no matter what broker you have.

Adding the fact that we support advanced ordering strategies like Spread Trading and Arbitrage, and we accommodate new ones through customization. You will be able to have a complete arsenal of trading strategies regardless of the brokers you deal with.

Advanced Routing algorithms and colocation algorithms (for lower latency), you will have your orders executed better as well.

  • Advanced Order types (more than 12 at the moment)
  • Structured Products (Multi-leg Spreads, etc)
  • Faster and better filling

"It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped."

Tony Robbins

Tens of high-end features including: Order Classification Iceberg Orders Spread Instruments Trade Classifiation Spray Orders Multi-Account Orders

Platform features highlights:

Account Supervision

Account Supervision allows you to check orders before sending them to liquidity providers.

You can supervise your client accounts in manual, automated or semi-automated modes through order classification algorithms.

Highend Order Execution

Be it Iceberg orders, Spreads Orders, combinations of both, or tens of other orders type, it's all supported in Millennium.

Flexibility allows us to handle orders uniquely on client basis, giving you a competitive advantage in your market.

Advanced Order Routing

Order routing is configured on client/instrument basis. It can also be configured differently for different liquidity providers

Orders can be sent to the liquidity providers straight away or can be held until execution. Be in control of how your orders get executed!

Special-purpose Terminals

Trading terminals for individual traders. Terminals for managed accounts. Terminals for IBs. Bak-office and middle-office terminals. Mobile terminals for trading and monitoring. Mobile terminals for back-office and middle-office.

What else can you ask for?

"It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped."

Tony Robbins